SAG Trust for Community Services

Aims and Objectives

Over the next years with your help and support the SAG Trust aiming to provide the community services including:

Pay for children’s health care

Being a developing country it is our prime responsibility to help our government in the provision of health care services to the needy people health service. Orphaned children have no one to pay for their care; so poor children suffering from treatable illness like TB, cancer and HIV die prematurely because they cannot afford medicine. SAG Trust aims to provide them financial help with the public support.

Pay for poorer children’s education or school supplies.

Because of the difficulties Pakistan has experienced, the country is striving to afford to provide free education for everyone. Everything from attendance fees to uniform and from books to pencils must be bought and paid for. Children who have lost a parent are unable to pay for education and so are deprived of a positive future.

Social Impact Projects: Large scale projects backed by the individuals. Foundations and companies

The SAG Trust is interested in long term working with large foundations or companies on projects that will help deprived communities within Pakistan. With the help of donor we would like to do the following:

  • To foster more cross-disciplinary collaboration for creating entrepreneurial activities
  • Encourage students to work within the community