About South Asian Management Review (SAMR)

South Asian Management Review (SAMR) is an international journal for publishing high-quality peer-reviewed papers in the field of theoretical and applied areas. The main objective of this journal is to perform a fast and reliable process for authors. Once a paper is accepted, our team works hard to provide an online version of the paper as quickly as possible. We believe this could help the existing knowledge grow faster. All accepted papers are published in June and December (02 Issues).

Articles that pass the peer-review process are indexed in high reputation indexing. The reviewers are formally invited by the Journal based on their expertise and suitability as a reviewer for the article is checked before they are invited to contribute a report. Also, the reviewers are asked to declare that there is no competing interest in the article.

This is an open-access journal, which provides instant access to the full text of research papers without any need for a subscription or any additional fees to the journal where the papers are published. Therefore, anyone has the opportunity to copy, use, redistribute, transmit/display the work publicly and uploaded the published papers on any platforms such as ResearchGate, Academia.edu, Publon, ResearchPad and etc.

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