Aims and scope

South Asian Management Review (SAMR) is a multidisciplinary Open Access Journal that strives for inclusivity and global reach. The broad scope of the Journal creates a perfect environment to foster connections between researchers across all areas of Business & Management research, from Operations Research to Corporate Governance and Accounting to Marketing.

Through Open Access publishing, we bring sound and scholarly research to people across the globe. Our Editor-in-Chief, leads an expert and diverse international Editorial Board that undertake objective and constructive peer review. Each submission is evaluated on its own scholarly merit and research integrity.

South Asian Management Review (SAMR) considers original research, review articles, letters, and replication studies in the following sections and broad topical areas:

Encourages submissions that cover any area of management, including entrepreneurship, innovation, human resource management and careers,  strategic management, international business, management education and development, gender and diversity in organizations, critical management studies, organizational behavior, organizational change, and organization, and management theory. The section also welcomes papers that demonstrate relevance to business practice, policy, or potential for societal impact and it is open to various research methods, models and platforms.

Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, and Information Technology
Publishes papers that demonstrate contribution to both theory and practice in innovative product and service creation and delivery, as well as advanced information and technologies contributing to digital businesses and the knowledge economy. The following areas of research will be considered: product and service design, manufacturing and delivery, resource efficiency, process improvement,
supply chain management, logistics management, quality & inventory management, supply chain risks and resilience, knowledge and information management, enterprise systems, decision support systems, and data analytics.

Explores the application of marketing principles and practices within academic, commercial, industrial, public sector, and non-governmental organizational settings. Marketing covers many important aspects of strategy, planning, communications, direct response marketing, and media development, as well as retailing, the use of big data, technological innovations, and social responsibility.

Accounting, Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
Publishes research that explores financial reporting, disclosure, corporate governance, business ethics, earnings management, auditing, executive compensation, performance measurement and management, budgeting, management control systems, investment appraisal and capital budgeting, taxation and transfer pricing, and also contemporary social and environmental accounting issues.

Banking & Finance
Covers all aspects of the key research areas of bank behavior and performance, merger and acquisition activity, risk management, and financial crisis. Within the sphere of finance research, an understanding of how corporations act in financing their activities, managing their risk, and their interactions with stakeholders is crucial.

What can you expect if you publish in South Asian Management Review (SAMR)?

- Retention of the full copyright in your work
- Immediate, free access to your article for anyone anywhere in the world
- Rigorous peer review featuring constructive dialogue with experts
- Fast publication on a state-of-the-art platform
- Innovative article-level performance metrics
- Global marketing and high production values

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