SAG Consultancy Services

Aims and Objectives

SAG aims to help business owners and entrepreneurs develop the business objectives necessary to achieve the organization's service, social, profit, and growth goals.

  • To provide business-to-business consultancy linking housing providers to develop integrated approaches to health and social care.
  • To up-skill organizations, communities, and individuals to plan, develop, evaluate, implement, and continuously improve their services in line with the latest government policy drivers and campaigns for older people such as becoming a dementia-friendly community or age-friendly organization.
  • To provide the initial support to set up and enable organizations, local communities, and businesses to put measures in place to reduce social isolation for older people, by supporting campaigns such as Compassionate Communities, or End Loneliness.
  • To ensure that consultation with customers, carers, families, and other relevant stakeholders plays an integral part in any localized planning or bespoke services in order to provide a person-centered approach to future plans.